Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

Hello, one and all! Welcome to the wild and wacky world of the Fiber Art Divas!
Our last meeting was on February 28th, and there were 19 of us.
GRAFFITI FABRICS was taught by Cheryl, and was way fun! This involved pre-washed fabrics and Tulip brand fabric paints in spray bottles. Add stencils and you've got some fun fabrics! The stencils she brought were a variety that went from elegant swirls to cockroaches. (Strange girl, that Cheryl!) And the results were great. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to you, Cheryl!
THIS NEXT MEETING IS OUR NAME TAG MEETING! Linda and Camille have been kind enough to offer up a night to FINALLY make our name tags. As much as I'd like to say that I have a great memory, I still have trouble with the names of our members. What a dope! You will need to bring a 5" square of top fabric of your choice. This should be a light enough color so your name shows. If you want to make a name tag that hangs around your neck, bring extra fabric or cording.
Embellishments and a hand sewing kit are also necessary. Linda and Camille will provide backing fabrics, batting, pens, extra embellishments, fusible web, fabric glue, and an iron and ironing board. Your finished name tags will be approximately 3" x 3". So, come on out to the March meeting and make your name tag so that we'll finally know who you are!
DEMOS COMING UP are listed in the February newsletter, but are "E-Quilts" in April,
Paper fabric in May, and felted animals (or something) in June (with a $2 supply fee). Can't wait!
Put your thinking caps on and come to the meeting with any ideas of demos or "classes" you'd like
to give to the group. Thanks in advance.
HARVEST HOUSE QUILTING has a great offer for you. They will give you a 90 minute lesson on their long arm quilting machine for $25. You will need to purchase zippers ($25) to attach to your piece, which will make for easy installation of your quilts onto the machine. It will also allow you to zip on and zip off if you don't finish quilting your piece in one session. At $9.50/hour, you may now schedule to use their long arm to finish up your quilts. How cool is that!
Harvest House Quilting, 24231 Apple Tree Lane, Plainfield, IL 60585,
THE CLEARING FOLK SCHOOL is in Door County, Wisconsin. It has classes starting in May
for their summer programs, and are said to be excellent and in a wonderful, relaxing environment. will get you to their website, and lists everything from
bird watching to quilting, wood turning to photography, poetry, watercolor...and the list goes on.
Check it out!
GRACE ERREA from California will be speaking at the Faithful Circle Quilt Guild on June 22
at 7 pm (for more info go to "The Value of Quilting" is the topic. She'll be
teaching 2 classes for Faithful Circle Quilting Guild on June 23 and 24 of this year. The first is on
values, and the 2nd concerns a pattern from her website ( I just
checked it out, and amazing is definitely the operative word here! If you hit "about", along the left
edge is "categories", with class descriptions. Anyway, it's $5 for the lecture, and $45 for non
members per class. You may take either class, or both classes, no problemo.
PHOTOS FROM OUR LAST 2 QUILT SHOWS are available to us. Please bring a zipdrive,
jump drive, memory stick or whatever you call it to the meeting. A 2 GB will have plenty of room.
Bring it in a bag marked with your name on it, hand it to Yvette. She will transfer the photos
and bring it back to us. The only cost to you is that of the memory stick and a hug. Thanks, Yvette!
MARCH CHALLENGE, UNDERFOOT is due at this meeting. No restrictions of any kind other
than the theme. This can be interpreted in any way you'd like. Can't wait to see what y'all have
come up with!
Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, 1551 N. Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, IL. Admission is $10.
Hours Th & F 10 t0 6, Sat 10 - 5. Go to
OUR NEXT MEETING will be on Monday, March 28th at 7 p.m. at the Naperville Art League, 508 N Center Street, Naperville, IL 60563 (a block or so from the intersection of Washington & 5th).
Be sure to bring your name tag making kit, as well as some show and tell! April 25 & May 23 are
the next two meetings after that. See you soon. xxxooo, Laurie

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