Friday, May 7, 2010

May 2010 Newsletter

My heart bleeds for those of you who missed the April meeting! We allowed ourselves 60 seconds of silent weeping in your names. But life goes on, and there will be other meetings at which we will join hands in exaltation upon your arrival.

There were 10 members there that night, and there was some really fun show and tell. There was even a spring challenge passed around,...and I stress the word spring because there really were springs in her piece! As a matter of fact, she purchased $18 worth of springs in her excitement at the hardware store! She doesn't get out much, I'm thinking. Ha!

THAT EVENING'S DEMO was given by Yvette. She demonstrated the fixative she used on her tulip piece that was shown in March (I sent an attachment last month about the technique). This involved colored pencils, a medium on a photo on fabric, and fun results.

OUR NEXT QUILT SHOW AT THE NAPERVILLE ART LEAGUE will probably be the last weekend of October, but the date is not written in stone. It will be 7 to 10 days long, and will involve an artist's reception with some people working on their pieces as an ongoing "demo".
We were wondering if anyone would be interested in making a guest/sign in book,...maybe a composition book with a fun cover that could be used at multiple shows.
We intend to do more advertising, maybe postcards to send out.
We will also be looking for a list of pieces to "hang" in the show. Remember that this is a small gallery and will not accommodate large pieces.
Also, we are thinking of incorporating a Divas Challenge, which I will tell you about next:

We have decided to have a challenge for the above mentioned show. Due date is the September meeting (I think!). MAXIMUM SIZE: 18" x 24" (that means you can go smaller than that, but not larger). INSPIRATION: will be some sort of kitchen utensil from your very own kitchen, or perhaps, if you have uninspiring utensils, that of a friend, neighbor or family member. (Yvette mentioned a hand potato masher as an inspiration) Sharon will be donating hand dyed cheese cloth that is to be incorporated in your piece (just to make it all the more interesting), and will be available at the May meeting (have a color idea going so that you can pick an appropriate piece of cheese cloth).
So, ladies and gentleman, put your thinking caps on and have fun with this.

Quilt Expo, September 9 - 11, 2010 at the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison Wisconsin. This is a Nancy Zieman event. For ore information go to There will be vendors, lectures, sit and sew workshops, juried and judged quilt competition with cash prizes. This is your big chance to submit a piece if you dare!
Prairie Treasures Quilt Show (, Friday, October 15 (10 to 8), Saturday, October 16 (9:30 - 5), at the DuPage County Fair Grounds, 2015 W Manchester Rd, Wheaton, IL. Sounds like the typical guild quilt show, but should be a fun time.

So, until we meet again at the MAY 24TH meeting at the usual place, 7 pm. If you are unsure of where that is, just check out one of the newsletters down below! Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful, yet confusing spring weather, and are blowing kisses at all of the baby birds, while tip toeing quietly around the over abundance of skunks. xo, Laurie