Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 2011 Newsletter

Today is Wednesday, February 23rd, and I am way late on getting this out to you. I apologize. Life has a way of getting in the way of the newsletter,...or anything else getting done for that matter. Note to self: Never try to juggle too many balls at one time!
January 24, 2011 meeting highlights: When we first started this group, one of our focuses was to have a member given demo at most of the meetings, in addition to show and tell and general jaw flapping in the night air. We seem to have lost that, and are now about to reinstate it starting with the next meeting. More later.
Next Divas' Show: We have been given the dates for our next show which is to be held at the Naperville Art League once again, thank you very much to you, NAL! Set up will be on Friday, October 21, 2011, take down will be Sunday, October 30,...MAYBE. We may be able to leave it up for more than a week. That is yet to be decided.
We will have more rules, earlier deadlines, more organized in every aspect. We are learning more with each show that we have, and intend to use that knowledge. Yea for us! We will kick in the discussions on this starting at the July meeting.
March Challenge: This meeting will be the official unveiling of the latest challenge, Underfoot! There were no rules, size restrictions,...only a willingness to explore it's many different interpretations. Looking forward to see what you folks are up to!
Anne Lullie: We have all agreed that we'd like to have Anne give us a class. We forgot to discuss WHICH class! Duh! And I haven't had time to call the church to see if they have any opening dates, and what it would cost to rent the space. That's the website for DeColourant. This is a product that is painted onto fabric, removing the dye in that area, leaving the original fabric color pre-overdying. It comes in 23 colors, smells citrusy, and has ads in Quilting Arts magazine (Dec/Jan 2011, and Pg. 77 in the Feb/March 2011 issue). We saw a sample at the meeting, and it was way cool!
ThermoChromatic Paint: I have no info on this other than it changes color with heat. Check out this sight. Jeremy Botts is a quilt artist who is exhibiting his work At the Wheaton College Hansen Main Gallery until March 9th. I apologize for cutting this so close for you.
Our very own DEMO SCHEDULE:
FEBRUARY 28: Cheryl will demo GRAFFITI FABRICS, and there will be a small fee in addition to the usual $3 meeting fee.

Everyone will need to bring:

-a large plastic garbage bag

- an apron or clothes you don’t mind getting paint on

-3-4 fat quarters of muslin or pastel colored fabric

-your own stencils (optional)

-Fabric markers (optional)

-$2 for materials

I will bring:

-an extra folding table

-fabric spray paint

-painters tape (to tape garbage bags to table)



-baby wipes to clean the stencils

We will need paper towels.

We will need to put 2 people per table and we have about 5 tables there, correct? That means 12 people can take the class with my extra folding table. We can squeeze 3 people on some of the longer tables, I think.

MARCH 28: Linda and Camille will organize a name tag meeting. Now we'll actually know who we're talking to!

APRIL 25: Cheryl will give a demo on "E" textiles, "Electric Quilt" kind of stuff. (I feel like a dinosaur already! NOT FAIR!)

MAY 23: Nancy will demo Kelly Perkins paper fabric technique.

JUNE 27: Sharon will have us felting animals with a class fee included.

More on all of those later. The fees, if it applies, will be listed later, as well as any supplies. A lot to look forward to thanks to those who actually know something! (That excludes me because...REMEMBER? I'm a DINOSAUR!!!! You don't have to rub it in my face like that! It's just a little bit rude!)

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 is our next meeting with Cheryl's demo, so come prepared if you'd like to participate. Naperville Art League at 7 pm. $3 plus the additional mystery fee (which is minimal) for the demo supplies (you are actually participating in this one, so demo is the wrong word to use here). See you soon! xo, Laurie

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