Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year one and all!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and are happy and healthy.
We last met on November 28th, and had a very nice meeting with lots to talk about.

Future show ideas:

We discussed the fact that each piece will be made more interesting to the viewer if we had explanation cards similar to a regular quilt show.  Artist's name, name of the piece, technique info, and "x" number of words allowed to define the piece (your feelings, your inspiration or whatever moved you).  I used Jan R's fall risk pieces as an example.  I explained to my guests her inspiration (having been a fall risk in the hospital), and all of a sudden Jan's pieces came alive to them, and way more interesting than they already were.
So, look forward to this improvement to the show this fall!

We also discussed paying someone to judge and critique the show, as well as the addition of ribbons, etc.  It was decided not to do this for several reasons. One is money.  Second is that there are so many different styles of fiber involved that it would be very hard to judge.  Nice idea, but too many variables involved.

Critiquing our work:

It was decided in November that many of us would be interested in having our work critiqued by the group.  This will be done at every meeting, but only if the artist asks!  We all have times when we question what we're doing, the direction a piece is going, perhaps a new technique to enhance the piece.... This will be your time to get input from the many people present with all of our different approaches and experiences at your "fingertips".  We've always done this anyway when people have asked, we're just encouraging it now as a way to grow.

Challenge ideas:

We are heading towards narrowing down our next challenge, which if done, will give you at least one piece for the upcoming show!  One suggestion was to do an abstraction based on one traditional quilt block, everyone given the same 2 colors to include in the piece with the addition of other colors of your choice. Another suggestion was to find a photo that you like, and make a piece using that as the inspiration.  The photo would be shown next to your finished piece when hung, as would your traditional quilt block and 2 colors if the first option is chosen.  (I sent out a site to the group showing the examples of the 2nd piece involving photos.)  Please bring block suggestions to the January meeting, and maybe photos as well.
So lots to think about.
The usual parameters would apply:  no size minimum but 96" perimeter measurements as the maximum.

Bo-Nash Bonding Powder:

Bo-Nash Bonding Powder was brought up as a wonderful fusing option.  I have attached their website for you to check out.

Sobo Glue:

This was a glue suggested to use rather than Aileen's (probably spelled wrong).
Dries faster and is still clear.  I checked, and it's available at just about any craft store.

Old cards on hand?

St. Jude's Ranch for Children repurposes the face of old greeting cards that do not have any notes written on that inside left side.  Here's the website:

Catherine Redford's Modern Machine Quilting book!

Catherine Redford's new book has arrived.  If you go onto the website below,
then click on the book itself, you'll be able to see the first few pages.  Very nicely done, Catherine!  You go, girl!  You are certainly a perfectionist, which shows in your work!  So check it out, one and all!

Monday, January 23rd:

That's our next meeting date.  7:00 as usual at the Naperville Art Leagues building (address in other newsletters), $3.00 fee.  I look forward to seeing you there, as well as your show and tell!  I'm sure that none of us were that busy in that area considering the holidays, but one never knows!