Monday, September 13, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

Good day to you, ladies and gentleman!
Our last meeting was on August 16, with 14 members attending. Nice show and tell as always, with a few organized people showing their completed "kitchen utensil challenge". (As much as I love them, there is a part of me that is envious and doesn't like them for being so organized! Argh! I fight with myself!)

Kitchen Utensil Challenge is due at the September 27th meeting. If you intend to display it in the upcoming show at the Naperville Art League, you will need to write up something about your inspiration. We have not discussed what this should be written on, typed on, or if they should all be consistent (as in one of us offers to type them all up). Something to discuss in 2 weeks at the meeting.

Our Fiber Art Exhibit at the Naperville Art League, as listed just below this newsletter, is quickly approaching. We have only one meeting (September 27) to complete our plans, so please be there with your thinking caps packed snuggly in your bag.
We will be passing around a sign up sheet for demo's that will take place at the artist's reception on Sunday, October 24 from 1 - 4 pm. I think we are just looking for warm bodies to be working on a piece while people visit the show. Maybe I'm wrong,...more on that at the meeting. (Another good reason to show up!) We have a member in charge of designing a sing in book, so we're good there.
We also discussed if anyone was interested in submitting an artist's statement for a binder that would be made available to be viewed by our visitors. This can be as elaborate or as informative as you are comfortable with. It is an excellent opportunity for those members who wish to sell their work (from the show or from home), listing their web site or any other information they'd wish to share. This is up to you as to whether or not you choose to participate in this portion of the show.
Keep sewing those challenge quilts!!!

Check out this website: for beautiful stitchery art by Julie Crabtree-Pfannes (and we know she means business because she has her name hyphenated!) Her work is beautiful and well worth the visit to her sight!

If anyone has any information on places to exhibit fiber art, please send it to me so that I may post it for those who are interested.

There will be a show held at the Morton Arboretum from November 12 - 14.

"Animal Felt", a class by Sharon Malec will take place at the Morton Arboretum on Saturday, October 16, from 9:30 to 3:30. More information is available at I've seen her work and it's incredible!!!

Okay! I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. Right now it won't type in any other size. Argh! So, as before, our next meeting (the last before the exhibit) will be on September 27 at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League, 508 N. Center St, Naperville, IL. Be there or be square! xo, Laurie