Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yo! Flower demo supply list

Hi everyone-
Here are the supplies you need:
-several scraps of fabric about 4 inches square
-thread (matching or not, but it should be strong)
-standard sewing needles
-fabric scissors
-fabric pen or ball point pen

-green chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
-bright colorful buttons
-circle templates

The directions will be supplied. This is a fun "make it-take it" demo. Hope to see you there.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 2009 Newsletter

Hello, ladies!  Thirteen people were at the February meeting, and I believe 8 people showed their button challenges.  I was not one of the 8, but that was no surprise to me at all!  I'm hoping to have it completed by the next meeting.  HA!  We'll see about THAT!

Naperville Art League Fiber Art Show:
Sharon Malec talked to the powers that be and received the following information.  Our pieces do not have to be for sale, but if they are a 20% commission will be theirs.  So, mark your pieces accordingly, allowing you to receive what you want for your item, and giving them the 20% over that.  Medium to large pieces would be preferred, and by that I mean in the small range.  Think about the gallery.  There isn't room for bed quilts, so keep it in mind. We need to discuss the number of pieces (which will depend on the sizes again), as well as refreshments and publicity (will they advertise or should we, and who pays).
So, the weekend of May 23 & 24,  Saturday, Sunday.  We are going to try to meet on the Monday before that (May 18) so that we can drop off our show offerings, plus the 25th is Memorial Day.

Ugly 9 Patch:
has been extended to March.  Someone asked if it was to be donated to the blind.  Ouch!

Connie Pomerang:
is unavailable to teach a class.

Anne Lullie:
I looked over her website and her requirements for teaching a class.  I'm not sure if we can pull it off.  It's only $300 for 4 hours at 20 students tops, making it $15/person if we get 20.
BUT each person gets a full banquet table plus a design board.  She gets several tables, plus a design board, plus a dry erase board.  No sewing machines.  I forget what else.  I don't know if there is an area at COD that would accommodate us that we could get our hands on. Obviously the cost would increase with renting a space.  Something we need to discuss more.

March Demo:
Stephanie Rose will demonstrate binding a quilt completely by machine.  She suggests that we bring our machines, a small something to bind (not necessarily anything of any importance at all, a pot holder type thing, even), and a double binding cut at 2 1/4" to 
2 1/2", which ever you prefer.  Obviously bring sewing stuff, thread, scissors, etc.  Cool!

Woven Quilt Demo:
Barbara Rathke brought in a woven quilt which she completed.  Katherine used to teach a class in this area and has offered to give a demo.  The date is yet to be set.  Woo-hoo!

Next Challenge:
Todays challenge is brought to you by the word "red".  It may be interpreted in any way that you'd like.  Red, read, sounds like red or read, begins with the word or sound, is influenced by.... May your imaginations sail away with this one.  No size restriction other than 4" x 6" or larger.  This will be due in May.

And ANOTHER challenge:
I am challenging you all to design your friggin' name tags!  Sorry.  Did I use the nautical term "friggin"?  Any size or design you'd like, as long as we can read your name in there.  I will probably make mine trading card size.  How's about for the March meeting.  Yesssssss!!!!!!!!

I feel so informed now!  Doesn't happen often, and it probably won't last, but I'll pass on what was discussed at the meeting.  The next election includes people on the COD staff.
DO NOT VOTE FOR Mike McKinon (he is evil)
DO VOTE FOR Sandy Kimm and Nancy Svboda (they are good)
More details were given, but that's all we really need to know.

Our next meeting will be Monday, March 23rd at 7am.  Same place as usual.  xxxooo,  Laurie