Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

Hello one and all.  There were 9 women at the meeting last night, with some great show and tell! Thank you for bringing your work to share!  Okay, off and running here, so I'll move on to what's important:

A Different Point of View quilt show:

We are proud to present a years worth of work by some very talented women.  I hope you will all take the time from your busy lives to slow down, and enjoy our show.  The following information includes member info such as drop off, take down,...the rest is for the actual show info and artist's reception.

Show dates and times:

Drop off will be on Monday, October 23rd, the day of our meeting.  Please bring it to the meeting that night.
The show will open on Wednesday, October 25th.
The Artist's Reception will be on Sunday, October 29th, from 2 to 4, and will include our members working on their crafts.
The last day of the show, as well as take down is Saturday,
November 11th.  (Take down is always at closing time)
The show will be from October 25th through November 11th, 2017.
Hours:  W, Th, F - 12 to 4
        Sat - 10 - 4
There is no entrance fee.

Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, IL:

From September 8th to October 14th, the Fine Ltne will be hosting Marianne Williamson with her exhibit "Light and Motion in Textiles".
The artists reception will be on September 8th from 6 to 8 pm.
More information can be found at 
37W570 Bolcum Rd, St. Charles, IL  60175
info@fineline.org for the actual art center.
There is also an open air exhibit going on through October 28th on the grounds.  And don't forget to go into the shop they have in the next building!  Way cool!


Gallery 200 in West Chicago is celebrating Art for all Seasons.
The opening reception is Friday, October 6th from 6 to 9 pm.  I have attached their site below which shows the show flyer.  I am confused, and could find no information if this exhbit lasts longer than the one evening.  Sharon, if you could please help us out on this, I'd appreciate it.  Anyway, Sharon will have her work there (which we got a peek at some of it...Very fun!  Be there or be square!

Ann Loveless:

It was suggested at last night's meeting that we look into Ann Loveless as a speaker for the group.  I'm sure it would be open to the general public.
You may have seen her very long piece at the Rosemont show back in April,...started at one end with a photograph on paper (a fiber), and moved on to a quilted forest scene.  Beautifully amazing!  So, take a look at the web sites below, and we can talk later.
www.quilts by ann.com, and workshops and programs at www.annlove@charter.net.

Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI:

Last night we discussed how wonderful Art Prize is, so I've attached the info.  I get the feeling we might have missed it this year, but check it out, and maybe make a note for next year!  It sounded like a gallery hop kind of thing.

Fine Art of Fiber at the Chicago Botanical Garden:

This has historically been an epic sort of show.  As a matter of fact, this is the show that I first heard of Carol Bryer Fallert,...as a stewardess she'd done an art piece that was the Northern lights from the air.  It was beautiful, and one of the first art quilt pieces I'd seen. Our very own Alice will have work there,...beaded of course!  You go girl with unmatching shoes and fun ideas!  I've attached the website below for your convenience.  Note:  Parking is VERY expensive, and I believe entry into the show is free.  If you are a Morton Arboretum member, parking is free (weekdays parking is $25, $30 on the weekends and holidays!  OUCH!!!!  Carpool ladies!)

That's all the news that's fit to print!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting, which is on Monday, October 23rd, at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  $3 will help pay for the room rental.  I look forward to seeing the upcoming show.  We are fortunate to have so much talent in our little group!  Thank you for being members.
xo, Laurie

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

There were 11 of us who met last night.  There was some great show and tell, it was a very informative meeting, and here's what they had to say:

A Different Point of View quilt show:

I'm going to break this down into specific sections.

Show dates and times:

Drop off will be on Monday, October 23rd, the day of our meeting.  The times will be announced later.
The show will open on Wednesday, October 25th.
The Artist's Reception will be on Sunday, October 29th, from 2 to 4.
The last day of the show, as well as take down is Saturday,
November 11th.  (Take down is always at closing time)
Hours:  W, Th, F - 12 to 4
        Sat - 10 - 4
There is no entrance fee.

Pricing for sale pieces:

Be sure to have a price in mind if you intend to sell your work.  A simple NFS will suffice if you don't intend to sell (not for sale).

Description cards:

It was agreed after last years show that we will write description cards to go with our entries.  We realized that a little bit more info will make the show a lot more interesting.  We will give you more info on that later.  You will type it up, probably email it to Yvette who will transfer it to another sheet...Thank you, Yvette. The fonts will all be the same, card size, etc.  We will set a limit on the number of words.  Please include your inspiration, a bit about your techniques, medium, etc.

Post cards:

Post cards will be ready by September 7th,...thank you, Linda.  They will be available for pick up at the Naperville Art League on that date.  Please pass them out, mail them, and get them to as many individuals and stores as possible.  This will also be emailed to us so that we can send it on electronically.


The quilt guilds will be notified by the other Linda,...thank you. other Linda!  But if your guild happens to have a google network for your members, it would help to have it sent to them as well.  All advertising is good advertising.  Feel free to make copies and pass them out as well.  Don't forget the quilt shops!
And remember, maybe due to the fact that this is fiber and not their normal displayed pieces, this show gets the most traffic of all the shows at the Naperville Art League.  Personally, I'd like to think it's because our work is exceptional! 


Be sure to remember to include a photo or drawing of your inspiration for you challenge.  You can bring that when you drop off your piece.

Artist's reception:

The more of us that are there, the better.  We've decided to have any members who would like to sit and work on their pieces to come and do so.  This will be in lieu of actual demonstrations.  People will be sure to show interest, ask questions, and ask you for mini-demos of what you're doing.
A mistake I made:  I was working on applique, which is done in matching thread.  When asked to show how I stitched, no one could really see what I was doing!  This time I'll bring a separate piece to actually demo on with thread and fabric that will allow me to show the process easily.  So, you may want to keep that in mind.
We'll discuss other aspects of the reception at a later date.

Intuitive Color and Design by Jean Wells:

This is an older book that has been updated.  Jean has a way of abstracting what she sees, very straight lines broken up by color.
Very nice, and a very interesting book to check out.  It's believed that she has added more to this version.  It's not a reprint, it's an updated version.  Check it out!

Faithful Circle Quilters presents "Bouquet of Quilts" quilt show:

Saturday, September 16 from 9 to 5
Sunday, September 17 from 10 to 4
Jefferson Junior High School, 7200 Janes Ave, Woodridge, IL
$7 entry, children 12 and under free.
This includes all the normal quilt show things, and is a very nice show to see.  Both traditional and art quilts.  Go to
www.fcquilters.com for more information.

Riverwalk Fine Art Fair:

September 16 and 17 from 10 to 5, at Main and Jackson in downtown Naperville.  This is the Naperville Art League's 32nd annual event.
Go to www.napervilleartleague.com for more information.

Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, IL:

From September 8th to October 14th, the Fine LIne will be hosting Marianne Williamson with her exhibit "Light and Motion in Textiles".
The artists reception will be on September 8th from 6 to 8 pm.
More information can be found at 
37W570 Bolcum Rd, St. Charles, IL  60175
info@fineline.org for the actual art center.
There is also an open air exhibit going on through October 28th on the grounds.  And don't forget to go into the shop they have in the next building!  Way cool!

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be September 25th, 7 pm, at the Naperville Art League.  $3 to cover fees.  Just a heads up, due to the quilt show, there will be no October meeting.  But November is still on, and we always skip December for obvious reasons!  I look forward to seeing you all again.  Enjoy the end of this season.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

Hi there!  Yes, it's August 1st, but this is in regards to the July meeting.  Thanks to summer being such a busy time, there were a mere 7 ladies present at this meeting.  But the show and tells were really wonderful.  Finished pieces, unfinished pieces, some with questions attached,....  Very nice.
This will be short and sweet, and entirely concerning our upcoming show.

Elements of Innovation:

Our next quilt show will be at the Naperville Art League.
Our drop off date is Monday, October 23rd.
The show opens on Wednesday, October 25th.
The open house will be on Sunday, October 29th.
And the last show day and take down will be on Saturday, November 11th.

Quilt Show Publicity:

We are looking for volunteers for publicity.
Linda VK will be in charge of guilds and the press.  
We will all be sent a copy of the flyer to be printed up and passed out.
There will be postcards to pass out or mail, available at our August meeting.

Quilt Show Registration Forms:

The registration forms will also be available at the August meeting.  We will also be emailing them to you. 

Descriptions of Your Entry:

This year in addition to the normal made by, medium, and if it's for sale, we will be including a brief description of your piece.  Your inspiration, your choice of medium,...a little story so that your piece is understood by the viewer.  Similar to a quilt show rather than a gallery.  I noticed when I brought guests to the last show, they were more interested in the pieces that I had a story to share.
These short descriptions will need to be emailed to Yvette at an, as yet, undetermined date before the show so that they can be typed up.  (That means I won't be able to whip up a piece the day before the show goes up!  Argh!)


Let's not forget about your challenge pieces!  We got to see a completed one at the meeting!  All of the info you need is listed in a previous newsletter.  Just scroll down to get the info you require.


That's it for now.  Short and sweet!  Our next meeting will be on Monday, August 28th at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  Three dollars would be appreciated to help cover the cost of renting the room.  Bring your show and tell, your questions, and don't be afraid to ask for advice or help with ideas.  We're always looking for people to give demos, so keep that in mind.  Enjoy your summer.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

Well, happy day to you all!  Last nights meeting had 10 members, 2 of which were new!  Yay! Naperville Art League members, and now Divas as well!  Oh so many hats!  Welcome to our humble group.

Paint Pours:

Last night Yvette and Dorothy shared with us their Paint Pours they did with Ute.  Amazing! I have attached a youtube video giving you the basic explanation, supplies, and technique.
So much fun with paints and a canvas.  Very tripy!  Let's find out if this is something we can do during a meeting.  OR maybe do at a park or something as a special class!  (Electricity needed if using a heat gun rather than a torch)  Thanks for sharing your work with us.  It was way fun!  Oh, and ladies, absolutely no painting experience necessary.  Watch the video and you'll understand.  But I do suggest you start looking around to see what color combinations you like.  Again, color can make or break your work!

PAQA Exhibit:

PAQA (Professional Art Quilt Alliance) is displaying their work at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles, IL.  I have attached the website below.  Do not go by the "This event has passed" flag.  That is for the artist's reception only.  The show is on until July 15th.

Bloomingdale Park District Exhibit Info:

There is an exhibit in progress now at the Bloomingdale Park District.  I lied,...there are 2 exhibits currently in progress.  Wearable Art, and Loose Threads present "Quilting Americana".  I have attached the website for you to get more information.  If you're looking for a map, etc, just hit home to get other info.  For those who are interested in other exhibits, the Illinois Watercolor Society will be showing from  August 5 through September 9.  Also, a juried mixed media exhibit, "Off the Beaten Path", will be from September 23 through October 28.  Check it out!

Quilt Challenge:

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  The quilt challenge cometh!  Start it if you dare!  Check out the March 2017 newsletter for all the details.  The only change that has been made to that is the color has been changed to your very own interpretation of what spring green is.  You have your choice of the 3 challenge options,...never been done before!  Something else to think about:  Yes, there is a deadline of the fall show.  That said, if you should happen to not have the time to get it done by then, but are still interested in pushing yourself within the listed parameters, do it whenever you want or can!  You can always put it in the 2018 show!

That's it!

That's all the news to print!  Thank you for reading this.  Our next meeting will be on the fourth Monday of the month as usual, July 24th, at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  Three dollars will get you in, and pay for the room.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  Remember, keep producing your art.  Our show is coming up in the fall, and we'd love to hang your work for all to admire!  This show gets a lot of viewers, and is always fun and interesting to attend.  Continue to enjoy your summer.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

May 23, 2017
Hello one and all!  What a weird month, but life goes on.  We're from Chicago, and nothing weather wise surprises us.  I apologize for no newsletter last month.  Missed the meeting, but made this one.  It was on the quiet side, so not much to report.  Here goes:

Color and Design Workshop: open to the public!

I'm letting you know about an upcoming class that is being hosted by the Fiber Art Divas at the Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery.

All the info is listed below, including a description of the class.  Now, the first thing I want you to consider when you read the heading, is the following:

Design and color are the two things that can make or break the end results of your work.   This class will give you the basics we all need to build on to produce visually quality work.

I haven't had design and color classes since 1974.  I have already signed up because a refresher course is what I need.  And I'm hoping many of you will consider joining me there!

If you look at Heidi Parkes work on her website, you will see that she is off in a direction that many of us are not. Don't let that scare you off.  She is not teaching us her designs and techniques.  She is teaching us design and color.  She was previously a high school art teacher, so will be super qualified to walk us through this.

So be there or be square! Broaden your horizons, increase your skill levels, and sign up for Heidi Parkes class.

Elements of art, design, and post-modern principles
Instructor: Heidi Parkes
Fri., June 16        9:30am – 3:30pm
Register through Naperville Art League  630.355.2530
$60                         Adult
Min 15/Max 20
Learn how to use elements of art (line, shape, form, value, space, texture, color)) plus design concepts (balance, contrast, emphasis, pattern, movement, rhythm, unity), and post-modern principles (recontextualization, juxtaposition, identity, text, gaze, hybridity, appropriation and more) in your art. Lecture, hands-on exercises, discussion, visual aids, and handouts will give participants confidence to try new approaches to their art. Heidi Parkes is an award-winning contemporary fiber artist and a fine art instructor. Principles taught in her workshop are applicable to all. Supply list at www.napervilleartleague.com. Bring own lunch or order out.
Supply list – Elements of art, design, and post-modern principles
Colored pencils, crayons, or markers in a variety of colors
Colored paper
A magazine to cut
Straightedge ruler
Glue stick
Unlined paper, min. 30 sheets

Possible Gallery Show in our Future!!!

Yvette brought it to our attention that we have been contacted by the Norris cultural Art Center in St. Charles, Illinois in regards to showing our work at their gallery!  Yay!  We are talking about doing this in 2018.  We'll keep you posted as more info comes in.


Don't forget to get cracking on your challenge!  Info on that is in previous newsletters.  This should produce some very interesting pieces.  Can't wait to see the end results!

The End:

That's all the news that's fit to print, folks.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, June 26th, at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League. Three dollars would be appreciated per person to keep a roof over our heads!  Please and thank you.  Until then, enjoy your spring.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

Well, hello there one and all.  Spring is springing as only spring can.  My scilla's looked lovely, and now my red bud is in full bloom.  Life is good.  Eleven members at our March meeting, and it was nice to see each of you.  Thanks for joining us.

Heidi Parks' Class:

We have decided to go with Heidi Parks.  Plans are underway, and everyone will be notified when it's all settled.  At this point we are talking June 16th, 2017 at the Naperville Art League.  The art league will be handling everything for us.  The maximum head count for the class will be 20.  We already have 8 interested people.  If you are interested as well, you will need to work quickly with getting enrolled and your check in.  There will be a very small window before it's opened to the public.  At this point, we're hoping that the class will be around $50.  It will be a combination of lecture, slide show, exercises for us, and a lunch in the middle (your dime!).  (Design and color)
And that's all I have for now.  More later.

Challenge Color Update:

We are having trouble finding just the right green.  If you go to the previously listed website to try to match the "Greenery" color,...well, good luck with THAT!  With the backlight of the computer screen, it's going to be a cold day to get a match.  I tried printing a sheet from the site showing the color and a mug, tried to match it to a paint chip....  We gave up at the meeting, and decided to just go with a spring green.  So, get hustling, and get your crazy challenge on, folks!

Nature in Fiber Exhibit:

Nature in Fiber, featuring the work of our very own Sharon Malec is coming up!  Gallery 200 at 
103 W. Washington St, West Chicago, Il  60185 (630-293-9550).  May 4 - 28, 2017, with the opening reception on May 5 from 6 - 9 pm.  Enjoy the show!


That's it for now.  Hope to see you at the next meeting, which will be on Monday, April 24th, 2017,
7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  $3 will get you in, and you get to see some fun show and tell, and share yours as well.  Enjoy this weather.

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 2017 Newsletter

Well,...hello everyone.  It's a snowy day out there, and as pretty as it looks, GO AWAY!!!!!!!  We've tasted spring, and we LIKE it, so stop messing with us.
Our February meeting was 10 women strong, and was actually very nice, as well as informative.  I'll try to pass that on to you in the following paragraphs.

Adjusted Challenge Options:

I was informed at the February meeting that I had missed a third option, which has been added below for your viewing pleasure.
A Different Point of View:

Due date: Our September meeting, to be hung at the October show
Maximum size: 96" perimeter

You have several options on this one, so pick the one that makes you happy.  Remember, the whole idea behind a challenge is to challenge yourself.  Go figure!  So don't necessarily choose the one that will make you the happiest.  Also, if there's another one that I somehow forgot to add in, please hit reply all and write it up.

Option 1:
We'll all be given the same quilt block (not yet chosen) to abstract in some way.
There will be one color (listed below) that will be the theme fabric for both options.
You may add as many other colors as you'd like.
Remember, you are abstracting this block, not just making a bunch of them in
different colors.  This is not to be a traditional quilt.

Option 2:
Recently I sent out a website that had some interesting challenge ideas.
They had taken 2 images and combined them into one.
So, for example:  a bird in one shot, a photo of seeds in another.
Now it's a bird made of seeds.
This could be very interesting, and very much a challenge!  
You get to choose whatever images you'd like and work from that.
Again, you'll need to use the one color (listed below), but can add other colors.

Website for this concept: http://imgur.com/gallery/tUQ99

Yes, this was probably done on computers, but depending on which images you choose, it's still doable in fiber. At the bottom of the first page there's a spot to hit to see more images.  One in that set shows cubism, for
example.  Very easily done in fabric.

Option 3:
The abstraction of anything (such as a photo or picture).  Remember to include a reference (such as the photo or picture you took this from).  Also you must use the color "Greenery", with the info listed below.

Color: Greenery 

Found at: www.pantone.com      (I imagine you can print it)

click on Color of the year
click on 2017 Greenery

So, there's your heads up.  Put your thinking caps on, and make this the most bestest challenge ever.  And again, I have to admit that my challenge pieces are some of my favorite pieces ultimately, and that was because I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.
Also remember that you have the option of bringing your work to our meetings for help, suggestions, and fresh ideas.  This is not a blind challenge because we're all working towards our own personal goals.

Upcoming Class Discussion:

We are still discussing a speaker/class/demo option coming up soon. We need to move quickly, so your participation would be greatly appreciated.  One of the issues is to keep the cost down.  That will mean having it somewhere other than the Naperville Art League.  And free places get filled quickly.
That said, you may already know that we have been discussing having Heidi Parkes come to teach us color and design.  These are 2 elements that can make or break your finished product.  And color, especially, scares the living bejesus out of me!  I have a lot of respect for color.
The group has asked for people to suggest any other subjects or instructors.  So far, nothing has been said.
The group has asked for people to comment on Heidi Parkes teaching us color and design.  Only one person has made a comment to the email I sent out.  (Thank you, Margaret!)
If no one votes, then you have no voice.  We can see where that got us back in November!  Obviously this is on a smaller scale, but it can still have an effect on the group.  I'd really like to see the Fiber Art Divas grow in more ways than in volume.  A class like this at cost (and that means no travel or lodging costs included with Heidi), split between "x" number of students, is an excellent deal that will never be duplicated at any of the big shows.  Take advantage of this. Take advantage of the fact that you can make other suggestions for topic and speaker/teacher.  That said, only do this if you intend to be a student of the class you suggest.  There are many silent divas out there that are divas in name only.  So, please let us know how we can help you in the realm of speaker/class/demo options, and perhaps spark your interest in coming to the meetings again.  Your vote counts!  This matter will be decided at the next meeting in a couple of weeks.  Hope to see you there!

Quilt Show Update:

The drop off and hang 'em up date is October 23, 2017.  The show opens on October 25, 2017.  More later.  Keep sewing!

Mayslake Peabody Estate Alliance of Fine Art "Best of the Best" Exhibit:

Our esteemed member, Linda K. has been accepted in the Best of the Best show at the Peabody Estate!  Yay!  Congratulations, Linda!
www.mayslakepeabody.com has all the info.  This exhibit will be from March 1 through April 30th, M - F, 9am - 3pm. Sat, 9am - 1pm.  Linda says she believes hers is the only fiber piece in the exhibit.  VERY nice, LInda!  She represents us all!  The ARTIST'S RECEPTION will be on March 16th from 6 to 8.

Stash Reduction Sale:

This sale will be on March 31st and April 1st.  Several women are cleaning up their stashes, and passing on these bargains to us, the people who have stashes of our own but are powerless to resist buying more!  I love being one of those people!  More information will be sent to you via email when it's available.

Winding this up now!

Well, it's with a sad heart that I stop babbling.  Our March meeting will be in the classroom as normal, but our April meeting will be in the gallery.  Nice place to meet, but the lighting isn't the best for show and tell.  So, we'll be seeing you with your $3's gripped tightly in your fist on Monday, March 27th at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.