Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 2009 Newsletter

And we're off:
14 people were present at the January meeting. Can't decide if I have a favorite.

Ugly 9 Patches update:
The directions for this project are in the previous newsletter. There was some
confusion with the directions that I gave. I apologize for that. I don't know how to
add a drawing. BUT if you draw what the directions are telling you to sew, it may be a little clearer to you.
Also, I did not realize that you are to use as much of your fabrics as possible, making multiple blocks. I only did one. Guilty.
Please bring them to the February meeting.

Connie Pomerang:
We discussed having her give a class on color, maybe later in the year.

Another class idea discussed:
The woman from Golden products (line of artist paints and mediums).
$35/half day (4 hours), or $70/full day (8 hours).
We pretty much agreed on a half day being enough. She would supply product and mediums, etc for the class. If it's fabric painting, we supply our own fabrics. She would need a 3 week lead time, minimum of 8 people in the class, and hopefully have it at COD (Please?).

Exhibit Fiber Art at Naperville Art League?
Sharon Malec is checking into the details of our exhibiting work there. Does the work need to be for sale, can some be for sale and some not? Probably for one weekend. She'll get back to us about that.

Button Challenge:
Please, please, please can I buy another month?!? There is no way that I can finish mine in time. If no one agrees, then just bring them on in to February's meeting, and I'll bring mine at a later date. I promise that I won't pout or anything! Yvette Thorn brought her completed one to the January meeting, and then she did a little victory dance! Very uncool, Yvette! (just kidding, folks,...she was very gracious about being the first to show hers, and intends to donate it to a worthy place. What a woman!)

Linda, if you have spare calendars, remember to contact Janice Arquette at
(number redacted). She has offered to sell them at the "All around the House" quilt show at Fischer Farm in Bensenville on March 7 and 8. I know we are selling them for $16/, but if you tack on a dollar, then they can get a little money as a donation for their help. All we have to do is get them to her.
Also, Linda was kind enough to donate one to Faithful Circle as a door prize.

Have your own fabric printed!
I haven't looked at the site yet, but they will charge $18/yard with no limit to how much fabric you have printed! Cool!

Anne Lullie:
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a workshop from this woman. Her website is
She is a member of the Chicago School of Fusing, is local, and has quite a few workshops that you may or may not be interested in. Please check her website out prior to the meeting so that you have an idea of what the heck I'm talking about. She is a member of PAQA and is an up and coming name in the quilt world. I'll bring her flyer and postcard to the meeting.

Okay, can't think of another blasted thing, so that ends it. Our next meeting is on February 23rd, same time, same place. Adios, moochacha's. xxxooo, Laurie

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