Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 2008 Newsletter

Happy holidays to one and all!
Sorry this took so long, but I forgot how to do it!  Duh!

Calendars update:  You have all been keeping up with the calendars.  They turned
out beautifully, and both my daughters were quite impressed.  The second box which was accidentally shipped out to Linda will be sold at $16 apiece.  The profits will pay
Craig back for shipping and handling because he was kind enough to pay that out of
his own pocket.  (Where did you find this guy, Linda?!)  Any profits after that will be
refunded to those Divas who ordered from the original shipment.  Now the question is, what happens with the extra money per calendar that is due to you, Linda?  

Ugly Block Challenge:  The due date I am unsure of, but I assume it's not the January meeting.  Correct me pronto if I am wrong.  It is a 9 patch block that will measure 9" finished.  There will be four 3" solid blocks which will be made from one of the ugly fabrics for all 4 of them.  There will be five 3" mini-9 patch blocks made with 5 cream or muslin fabric from your own personal stash (these may all be the same), and 4 from the ugly fabrics that you received.  Could this possibly sound any uglier?  I think this project will be a success even if we never get past the description!  Call Yvette Thorn for more information.

Button Challenge:  Any info you need on this is listed in one of the newsletters below.  The due date is February 2009.

Directory:  I hope to be e-mailing these to you very shortly.  I apologize for the delay.  You just can't get good help these days.  When I set this up, I will also be
adjusting the mailing list, so those who didn't get me their information will no longer get any updates.  It was nice that they supported us, and nice to meet them all.

Our next meeting will be on January 26 at 7pm.  See you soon, ladies. 
xxxooo,  Laurie

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