Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

Well, happy day to you all!  Last nights meeting had 10 members, 2 of which were new!  Yay! Naperville Art League members, and now Divas as well!  Oh so many hats!  Welcome to our humble group.

Paint Pours:

Last night Yvette and Dorothy shared with us their Paint Pours they did with Ute.  Amazing! I have attached a youtube video giving you the basic explanation, supplies, and technique.
So much fun with paints and a canvas.  Very tripy!  Let's find out if this is something we can do during a meeting.  OR maybe do at a park or something as a special class!  (Electricity needed if using a heat gun rather than a torch)  Thanks for sharing your work with us.  It was way fun!  Oh, and ladies, absolutely no painting experience necessary.  Watch the video and you'll understand.  But I do suggest you start looking around to see what color combinations you like.  Again, color can make or break your work!

PAQA Exhibit:

PAQA (Professional Art Quilt Alliance) is displaying their work at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles, IL.  I have attached the website below.  Do not go by the "This event has passed" flag.  That is for the artist's reception only.  The show is on until July 15th.

Bloomingdale Park District Exhibit Info:

There is an exhibit in progress now at the Bloomingdale Park District.  I lied,...there are 2 exhibits currently in progress.  Wearable Art, and Loose Threads present "Quilting Americana".  I have attached the website for you to get more information.  If you're looking for a map, etc, just hit home to get other info.  For those who are interested in other exhibits, the Illinois Watercolor Society will be showing from  August 5 through September 9.  Also, a juried mixed media exhibit, "Off the Beaten Path", will be from September 23 through October 28.  Check it out!

Quilt Challenge:

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  The quilt challenge cometh!  Start it if you dare!  Check out the March 2017 newsletter for all the details.  The only change that has been made to that is the color has been changed to your very own interpretation of what spring green is.  You have your choice of the 3 challenge options,...never been done before!  Something else to think about:  Yes, there is a deadline of the fall show.  That said, if you should happen to not have the time to get it done by then, but are still interested in pushing yourself within the listed parameters, do it whenever you want or can!  You can always put it in the 2018 show!

That's it!

That's all the news to print!  Thank you for reading this.  Our next meeting will be on the fourth Monday of the month as usual, July 24th, at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  Three dollars will get you in, and pay for the room.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  Remember, keep producing your art.  Our show is coming up in the fall, and we'd love to hang your work for all to admire!  This show gets a lot of viewers, and is always fun and interesting to attend.  Continue to enjoy your summer.

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