Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

Hello one and all!
It's an amazing "sprinter" we are going through!  One minute you're seeing snow flakes, the next you're cooking on the grill and watching your plants come up!  Oh, so weird, but oh so happy to participate,...even if it's happening for all the wrong reasons.  Just trying to find the bright side!
We had a very nice meeting last month, and here's all the info I have for you:

Our latest Challenge

A Different Point of View:

Due date: Our September meeting, to be hung at the October show
Maximum size: 96" perimeter

You have several options on this one, so pick the one that makes you happy.  Remember, the whole idea behind a challenge is to challenge yourself.  Go figure!  So don't necessarily choose the one that will make you the happiest.  Also, if there's another one that I somehow forgot to add in, please hit reply all and write it up.

Option 1:
We'll all be given the same quilt block (not yet chosen) to abstract in some way.
There will be one color (listed below) that will be the theme fabric for both options.
You may add as many other colors as you'd like.
Remember, you are abstracting this block, not just making a bunch of them in
different colors.  This is not to be a traditional quilt.

Option 2:
Recently I sent out a website that had some interesting challenge ideas.
They had taken 2 images and combined them into one.
So, for example:  a bird in one shot, a photo of seeds in another.
Now it's a bird made of seeds.
This could be very interesting, and very much a challenge!  
You get to choose whatever images you'd like and work from that.
Again, you'll need to use the one color (listed below), but can add other colors.

Website for this concept:

Yes, this was probably done on computers, but depending on which images you choose, it's still doable in fiber. At the bottom of the first page there's a spot to hit to see more images.  One in that set shows cubism, for
example.  Very easily done in fabric.

Color: Greenery 

Found at:      (I imagine you can print it)

click on Color of the year
click on 2017 Greenery

So, there's your heads up.  Put your thinking caps on, and make this the most bestest challenge ever.  And again, I have to admit that my challenge pieces are some of my favorite pieces ultimately, and that was because I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.
Also remember that you have the option of bringing your work to our meetings for help, suggestions, and fresh ideas.  This is not a blind challenge because we're all working towards our own personal goals.

Sharon Malec's upcoming show info:

Nature in Fabric, featuring the artwork of Sharon Malec.  May 4 - 28, 2017 at Gallery 200
(103 West Washington Street, West Chicago, IL  60185).  Opening reception will be May 5 from 6 - 9 pm.  I sent this information, complete with scanned images of the postcard last month to you individually.

#Silly Seriousness

I also sent you all as an email the entry form for the upcoming Naperville Art League's 14th annual public art competition.  If you can't find the email, it's  The entries are due on Saturday, February 25 by 4 pm.  $10 to $15 application fee (member/nonmember), with prizes ranging from a ribbon up to $350 for best of show.  It would be nice to have some fiber in their show!

IQF Show in Rosemont, open studio info:

Contact Cheryl Sleboda if you are interested in being an open studio demo person.  She can get you in touch with the person in charge.  She thinks they are for 2 hour stints.  Oh!  You can be famous!
Thanks, Cheryl.  

Speakers?  Demos?

We're tossing around the idea of contracting speakers and/or maybe having demos that would be open to the public.  This would help to displace the cost, and give us the chance to edumacate our members as well as the general public!
On average a 6 hour workshop can cost $400 to $600 (obviously these would be local artists).  If you had a class of 20 students, that works out to be roughly $20 to $30 per person, not including any rental fees for the room, etc.  Something worth thinking about.
If you have any suggestions, concerns or comments, come to the next meeting and we'll discuss this further.  Personally I'd love to have someone teach design!  Think about it!

Bring your work in progress to the meetings:

Please remember that we are here for you!  If you have any questions about the progress of your work, what to do next, techniques, color,...and the list goes on,...bring it to a meeting and ask for help!  We've all been in that spot, and continue to be.  The most wonderful thing about this is your ability to mentally tell us where to go when we give our comments!  No one has to know that you are mentally rejecting us!  Ultimately, the end decision is yours, and our comments are opinions only.  Opinions!  Everyone has one!
But seriously, you never know where your next idea will come from, what ideas we can throw your way that might help.  There are years of experience in this group.  And we're willing to be used.

Next meeting and Adios:

Our next meeting will be this coming Monday, February 27th at 7 pm.  Be there or be square!
Same place as always.  Although it's expected to be 70 today, you may need your snow boots on Monday, so be sure to check the weather report!  It will be nice to see you all.  (Bring your $3!)


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