Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

August 3, 2015

Hello there, one and all!  Welcome to the most bizarrest summer of all!  Hope you are enjoying it.  The happiest plants in my garden are the weeds.  But life goes on, and we just keep quilting.  The July meeting was very nice, with some beautiful show and tell, as always.  Thank you, ladies, for being so prolific!  Linda D. had a piece accepted at the Argon friend's and family show!  You go, girl!  :-)  Sadly, it is not open to the public.  :-(  Katherine Redford has a show in Portland showing her African embroidery as well as all her work.  I have no info on that, sorry to say.  Congratulations, Katherine!

Quilt show entry forms:

You will be receiving an email with the entry form attached.  These will be due by the September meeting.  For me, to fill out this form with uncompleted work is a gamble.  But I know that it is highly practiced by most quilters, so go for it!  This early entry form will allow us to gage how many pieces will be shown as well as sizes, so thank you for your many entries in advance!

Quilt Challenge:  Elements - earth, wind, fire, water

I originally started this out with only 3 elements.  I found the 4th element, but I'm going to leave my next bit in here anyway....  Well, you get the idea.  And if you don't, check previous newsletters!  There's a 4th one, but I have no brain.  You'd think I'd be studied by science, yet no one has knocked on my door other than to interview me about the 17 year cicadas several years ago!  They asked because I had netting wrapped around a new tree.  The crew was there for about 90 minutes, asked questions, and I actually said some very well informed comments about them!  Alas, my big moment arrived, my 15 seconds (if that) of fame, and they chose my telling America that
"They're just bugs!  They aren't strangers trying to take your kids away in their cars!"
Well, doesn't that sound just like something I'd say!?  My neighbor's son lives in Arkansas.
It came on the news at work during lunch, and he calls out that I'm his old neighbor!  When it was done, they asked if everyone up north is nuts!
Okay, back to the challenge.  Remember, this is a perfect quilt for the show!  They will be hung in their own little grouping!  You'll be famous!  Like me!  hahahahahahahaha
     Here are some sites that may help you with the fen shui side of the elements:,
Dorothy mentioned that there was a pre fen shui movement that discusses what would represent the elements, but I do not know what that was called.  If anyone knows, please get back to us.  Thanks.

Curved Surgical Needles:

What the....!?  We were discussing how to sew a finished quilt onto a "background quilt".
Say you have a finished piece that just seems to be lacking something.  You are able to stitch that to a larger quilt as a framework or border.  The trick is trying to actually sew it without making yourself crazy.  Sharon Malec suggested curved surgical needles.  They are thinner than upholstery needles, and are available online.,  Okay, there's a start, and I'm sure you can find more that might help you.  If you have another site, please let us know.

UVA fabric spray:

"Rayblock" has a uva fabric spray to protect your fabric from fading.  Oh, the magic of chemistry!

Show at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center:

The Fine Line has got a show that will be up until August 7th.  "UnpredicTable", which evokes the mood created when people gather together to dine, artwork representing things found at the table, including tableware, provisions and decorations will be featured in this juried mixed media exhibit.  Dorothy said it was very interesting.  They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.


That's it for now, folks!  Keep working on your quilt show pieces.  Keep weeding your gardens.  And I look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 24th at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  Remember $3 gets you through the meeting, please and thank you.  And please mark your calendar with August 24th, and disregard any false dates I'll pass out later because, again, I'm dealing with that brain thing!  Keep enjoying your summer.

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