Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NOVEMBER 2014 newsletter:

Our last meeting was on October 27th, and was a very nice one.  Glad you were there/sorry you missed it!  Pick the one that fits!

Quilt Show:

We discussed the quilt show in depth, making note of what changes need to be made, and what to keep on because we are just so excellent at this kind of thing.  The Naperville Art League staff is very pleased that we have received so many guests (145 as of that night),...more than they normally get for their shows.  Woo-hoo for us!  Keep on producing, ladies!  Show 'em what we can do!
In the meantime, the pieces that hung were most excellent.  Several sold, which is always a happy thing.  Thank you for participating.  A special thank you for those who worked so hard.  Members were there at times when no staff was there to man the show.  There were those there to hang and take down, keys to take care of, etc.  Without there help and enthusiasm, there would be no show.  So, thank you, ladies, from the bottom of my heart.

New Challenge:

Water - Fire - Wind/Air - Earth.  And there in lies the theme for this challenge.  Go at it, have fun with it, be creative, and knock our socks off!  We decided to measure this one differently.  The maximum size will measure 96" perimeter-wise.  So all sides (note that I didn't say 4 sides?) will total 96".  Pretty cool, eh!?  This challenge is due at the August, 2015 meeting.  Plenty of time for you to get this going.
I look forward to seeing what this group will produce this time.  It's always amazing.  And always,...not that I know anything (this has been proven on numerous occasions!), but some of my most favoritist pieces were challenge pieces.  They force us to think outside of our comfort zone, and therefore make us into more creative beings.  Celebrate that!

Next Meeting and December:

Monday, November 24th, 7 pm is the next meeting at the Naperville Art League (508 N. Street, you guessed it, Naperville).  Three dollars is the meeting fee to help keep a roof over our heads, please and thank you.  There will be no meeting in December, as usual.  Our January meeting will be on the 26th.
I hope you all have wonderful holidays, nap a lot, eat too much, laugh a bunch, and be jolly in general.

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