Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter:

Fiber Art Divas presents "For the Love of Fiber" Fiber Art Exhibit, 

from October 15th to the 25th, 2014, with an artist's reception on Sunday, October 19th from 2pm to 4pm.  This is an exhibition of original art quilts and mixed media works.  Not to be missed!  The artist's reception will include demonstrations by, obviously, the artist's!  There will be refreshments!  We all love food and drink!  And there will be things for sale at the reception beyond those available throughout the show!  Woo-hoo!  The Fiber Shop will have fiber art supplies and more for you to buy and expand your artistic horizons!!!  The show hours are Wednesday & Friday - noon to 4pm, Thursday - noon to 8pm, Saturday - 10am to 4pm, and Sunday, 2pm to 4pm.  We look forward to seeing you at the show.  And...thank you in advance for joining us.  There are several bonuses involved here: it's free, it's fun, it's inspiring, and there are possible holiday gifts available for sale (so think ahead!),...and if you come to the artist's reception, you get to eat and drink things!  One has to love a gathering like this!

September's Meeting:

This was a wonderful night.  I was actually there, which was a gift to me!  There was a nice group of women there sharing their work.  All excellent pieces shown, and a variety of fiber forms.  The wonderful thing about this group is their willingness to share their work, their experience, their craft, their enthusiasm for what they are doing as well as what you are doing.  The problem that comes from cherry picking the meeting you'd like to come to (as in "is there a demo?" or "is there no demo?") is that every meeting has something wonderful to offer...different techniques not seen before, info on tools they have used, shows that you need to go see, moral support for whatever problems you may be having either in your fiber world or your personal world.  The support that a group like this gives on every level is commendable.  I thank each and every one of you for being there for me, as well as for the others.

The Lady Challenge Night:

This was the night to bring in our challenges.  We were given pen and ink drawings from an artist who had women dressed in flower and leaves dresses.  One was more interesting than the other.  The idea here was to be inspired by the drawing, and produce a piece.  There was everything from a fall obelisk to quilts.  It was amazing to see how everyone interpreted their particular drawings.  These will be exhibited at the upcoming show, so
come and see what we did!

Derwent Inktense:

Two member was nice enough to bring in the pieces that they made in a class recently.
It involved using Derwent inktense.  These are either pencils or sticks, can be used on fabric either wet or dry, and are available at Blick's in sets or purchased singly.  Go to to see for yourself the possibilities with this product.  They were beautiful.  Thanks, ladies!


Cheryl came with a few pieces using wacky tobaccy skeleton stencils by Artistcellar.
(That is not their real name, so don't look for the product like that!)  It is a new design they are offering.  Go to to find out about their products, but hit stamps and stencils if you'd like to see the skeleton stencils that she used.  Way cool way to kick start a small piece.  Also very good for paper art, etc.  Thanks for showing your mini skeleton crew quilts!  (These were samples requested by the Artistcellar company!)

Upcoming Meetings:

October 25th is the next meeting, 7 pm at the Naperville Art League.  This meeting will also be used as the time to take down the show.  We are hoping that someone would like to demo something for the group that night.  Anyone?  What was that?  I can't hear you?  Remember,...what seems old hat to you may be new hat to others.  Thanks for thinking about it.  Let us know if you are interested.
The November 24th meeting is coming up as well.  That is just before Thanksgiving, and we'd be thankful if you joined us!  And as usual, there will be no meeting in December.

Closing now:

Well, it's been wonderful, as always.  Thanks for reading the ramblings of the somewhat insane,!  Until next time, enjoy the upcoming fall colors, and dream in color at night.
xo,  Laurie

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