Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Newsletter:

Hello ladies!
Our September 27th meeting had 14 in attendance.
A nice size crowd with a very nice show and tell.
Thank you for that.

I have sent you all the quilt show info in a previous e-mail so we're good to go on that front.

The 12" botanical challenge was shown (partially) at the meeting.  The REAL deadline is Friday, October 5th, between 3 and 7 p.m. when we drop off our show entries.
Be sure they are marked as challenge quilts so they may be hung together.

We are looking for Christmassy donations for a gift basket that will be raffled off at...oh, I'm not sure.  The first I heard of this was at the meeting, having not attended since April!
It's either for a Naperville Art League anniversary, the city of Naperville anniversary...?  Sorry, I'm screwing this up  totally, but that is where my brain is these days.  Actually, if you DO happen to see my brain, could you send it to  me C.O.D?  I could really use it right about now.
Please bring the donations to the quilt show drop off on Friday, October 5th from 3 to 7 p.m.

October 22:  Man, I am really screwing up here.
My notes read to bring any 5" to 10" pre-washed fabric to sample something.  Neo Color Two - wax crayolas that can be used wet or dry? I believe these are Caran D'Ache neocolor II.
Also, bring a brush or two to apply this.
If I am wrong on this one, please contact the group.
November 26?:  I think that's the date.  We will confirm this later.  This demo is on inking with rubber stamps onto fabric with fiber paints and inks.  Should be interesting.  I need a list of
what we need to bring.  I believe it's rubber stamps (surprise!), pre-washed fabrics (?).  Do we need to bring the ink or paints?
I don't know.

There isn't one, but please to put on your thinking caps and come up with some wonderful ideas.  We will be looking for those at the next meeting.

"Prairie Treasures Quilt Show 2012" will be at the DuPage County Fair Grounds, 2015 West Manchester Rd, Wheaton, IL  60187 (
Friday, October 12 from 9 - 6.
Saturday, October 13 from 9 - 6 with a $7 admission.

Okay, that about wraps it up.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 22nd at the Naperville Art League, 508 North Center Street, Naperville.  We are still unsure of the November meeting date due to the art league's holiday sale.  And we do not meet in December.
See you soon.
xo,  Laurie

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