Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 2010 Newsletter

Yes, I know that this is really June 30, but I thought I'd let all of my inhibitions go and lie about the date. Now my true self has been exposed to you all. Sorry, and I hope that the truth won't be too painful.

Our June meeting was attended by 15 members, one of which was new. Lots of show and tell, especially tells! Always a fun time.

Susan Carlson Workshop: Faithful Circle Quilt Guild of Downers Grove will be hosting Susan for a lecture, Cutting Loose Fabric Collage, at 7 p.m. on October 27, 2010. ($5 at the door for non-members.)
There will then be a 2 day workshop on Thursday and Friday, October 28 & 29, 2010, based on her book Free Style Quilts: A No-Rules Approach to the Collage Piecing Process. Susan encourages playfulness, serendipity, and a willingness to "cut loose". There was an article about her work in one of the more recent Quilt Arts Magazines. Check it out!
She is a fuser. If you are not, don't let that stop you from taking this class. What you are really gaining here is the ability to let loose. Also a 2 day workshop is a definite bonus. It's amazing how much more you can learn in 2 days rather than 1. The fee is $70 for members, with an additional fee for non-members. Keep in mind what this class would cost you at a major show!
This lecture and class will be held at the First Presbyterian Church, on the corner of 4th and Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL. Lecture at 7, class from 9 to 3:30.
Contact information for the guild will be in your initial notice I sent in regards to this newsletter being ready for your consumption.

Anti-Chlor: ...and the debate continues: "suit saver for swimsuits" helps eliminate the chlorine smell from swim suits. Does it also neutralize the chlorine?
Would it work as an anti-chlor substitute? We're looking for a response from all of you scientists out there!

Color Catchers: This is an excellent product for absorbing free floating dye in your washer and dryer, found in the laundry product aisle. It was mentioned that they can be used up to 30 times apiece. I looked at the box in my cabinet which read to dispose of the sheet after each use. If anyone has any other info, let us know, please.

Stonehenge by Northcott: Stonehenge is a "new to me" fabric line that is out and available in a huge variety of colors. Its great. Especially good for stone walls, rocks, etc, but could actually be used in anything. The repeat pattern is every 3/4 yard. Check it out. I attempted to find it on line to give you a web site, but to no avail. Maybe you'll be luckier!

Another way to store your fabrics: Our very own "dog lady" will be demonstrating some of her fabric storage techniques at the July meeting. It involves cardboard and folding and organizing and all of the things we know would make our lives easier, but we tend to go there kicking and screaming! If you choose not to listen to this sort of time and frustration saving information, you have the option of sitting through this portion of our meeting with your hands over your ears saying lalalalalalalalalala to avoid any information overload.

October Quilt Show: There is not a lot of information at this point other than it will be held at the Naperville Art League the last week of October for 10 days. Set up is Friday, October 22. The show would be October 23 - November 1, if I'm not mistaken, which I often am. They mentioned an artist's reception, with demo's done at this time. Anything from beading to whatever is easily done at an event of this sort. Please give this some thought.

Quilt Gardens: Dorothy went on the driving tour of the quilt gardens (I'm sure of the one in Elkhart at least!), and says they are beautiful. A must see. Just check to get more information.

Warning! Warning! I have just been informed from the world renowned David Taylor that Rustex fabric will last only around 40 years due to the never ending destructiveness of rust! Go figure! So he made his owl quilt using Rustex fabric, and found out it won't hold up. Nice. My advice: As beautiful as those fabrics are, and as much fun as the process is, do not use it on your heirloom pieces. Sorry.
Maybe there's a scientist among us who knows how to do the anti-chlor thing on rust!

Challenges due in September: I assume we are all well on our way with our challenges. We are hoping to hang them at the quilt show in October. If you need more information on this, please review it in one of the previous newsletters.

The end: At last we have reached the end of our newsletter. Thank you for hanging in there and reading it to this point in time. Our meetings are always held on the 4th Monday of the month (unless otherwise announced) at 7 p.m. at the Naperville Art League, 508 N Center (corner of Center & Fifth), Naperville. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, July 26, and then again on Monday, August 23. Remember we all love show and tell! Even traditional! We don't care! xxxooo, Laurie

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