Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 2009 Newsletter

Good morning, ladies!  We had a very nice meeting last night with 16 women and one sewing machine.  Lots of show and tell, including one red challenge.

THREAD PAINTING DEMO:  was given by our very own Maggie.  A very interesting process done with the help of a Viking Yarn Couching Feet Set.  There is thread and bobbin thread in the machine, but the yarn to be couched is brought in from the back of the machine.  She opts between stretching a water soluble plastic in a hoop or just holding the plastic tight as she free motion stitches the yarn in place.  Another option is to carefully place her yarns between the 2 layers of plastic to keep a design in place; or trace onto the plastic with marker, the couching as she goes.  The plastic is actually the dirty laundry bags used at some hospitals.  They fill them with laundry, throw them directly into the wash without handling anything.  They dissolve in the wash, which is what it will do after you stitch and wet it.  Ta-da!  Order them on line:  Hot water soluble bags on a roll (25 bags?).  Thank you, Maggie, for turning us on to another embellishment technique.  Oh, and she also showed thread painted leaves that she really thread painted onto the actual leaf!  Way cool!

FIBERINTHEPARK.COM is the place to check out more information on, of all things,
the Fiber in the Park show!  It is on September 19th, from 9am to 4 pm.
4165 East 16th Road, Earlville, IL.  So go to the web site to get a list of venders, classes, and a map.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM:  We have been warned!  The park district will be using our room for the January, February and March meetings.  We have been offered the gallery space to meet, and also there was mention of one night free of charge.  So, give it some thought, girls.  Is there somewhere else we'd like to meet at that point? Did someone want to give a demo in their home that is a little hard to do at the art league?  Would we like to have a field trip that night?  Maybe go out for an inexpensive dinner?  

CHALLENGES:  Look at the previous newsletters for challenge dates.  They are down below here.  Remember, there is no pressure to do any of the challenges.  But do keep in mind that the word "challenge" really does mean to challenge yourself!

OVER AND OUT:  That's is for this month.  Remember that next month, September 19th and 20th is the Faithful Circle Quilt Show.  Be there or be square.  For those of you who love applique, Selbe Baez will be the featured quilter, and her work will blow you away.  There will also be the Pilgrim/Roy invitational Quilt Challenge, as well as the guild challenge which involves VanGogh paintings!  (www.fcquilters.com)
Our next meeting will be on Monday, September 28 at 7 pm at the Naperville Art League (address, etc in letters below).  Be there or be square.  xo, Laurie

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